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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Make you think, make you laugh

Life has been a little busy in the past few weeks, hence no blogs and now the big catch up.  I visited Kevin & Francis today for the first time in about a fortnight and they have grown a lot.  Apparently they are still considerably smaller than average though.  When I arrived, they were huddled up together in their shed having a sleep in.  Once I got close enough, they quickly hopped up and came outside to greet me...or look for food.

Here is a link to some recent research on red meat intake (BTW, pork is classified as red meat).
“Red and processed meat intake is convincingly associated with colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence, but its impact on prognosis after CRC diagnosis is unknown”.
Well not anymore it seems...
“This study suggests that greater red and processed meat intake before diagnosis is associated with higher risk of death among patients with nonmetastatic CRC.”
So basically, red meat causes cancer and the amount you eat determines the likelihood of it killing you.

And in case that’s all a bit doom and gloom for you, here is something to hopefully make you smile...although it really shouldn’t.
If you find Bacon Bros. comics a little confronting, well...success!! They should be.  I'm not aiming to offend but I want to generate thought and discussion.  Here is a great TED talk on the Anatomy a New Yorker cartoon.  I'm not sure where Bacon Bros. fits in.
I should clarify that the chosen method of slaughter for Kevin & Francis is not to cut their throats.  They will be receiving a bullet to the brain, which will hopefully be very quick and painless.  I certainly hope though that they will instead get to live out their days at Freedom Hill.

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