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Friday, 12 April 2013

Don't Wear Thongs

Once again Kevin & Francis gave me a warm greeting when I visited them yesterday.  They emerged from the trees and trotted up to the fence, making happy(?) grunting noises – I’m not exactly a pig whisperer yet.  They greeted me again by sniffing and biting me with their muddy mouths (Note to self: don’t wear thongs again or white pants when visiting the pigs).

They followed me around the entire time I was there.  When I ran from one end of the enclosure to the other, they galloped (or cantered? Clearly not a horse whisperer either) along behind me.  I was surprised to see how quick their little legs can move.  Whenever I stood still though, their snouts were instantly buried in the dirt.

I was starting to think that they weren’t quite as interested in me as I was in them.  They were constantly rooting around in the ground and not paying me any attention.  Am I really less interesting than dirt?  I wondered if they were just following me around, hoping that I knew where the food was.  It wasn’t until I left that they ran over to the fence and for the first time ceased their food foraging.  Their ears pricked up and they were looking at me and making a different kind of grunt than I had heard previously (last scene of the video).  It seemed to be saying, “Come back”.  How could I resist?

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