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Friday, 19 April 2013

Make It Possible

Check out this fantastic poster made by fellow villager, Karen Nilson.  It's constructed from the images of the thousands of people who have already pledged their support.  See the full version here.  Then visit the Make It Possible website to watch the video and show your support for the campaign.  Be sure to watch the 11min video.


  1. Hi Beau - I've been following your blog - and enjoyed seeing Jodie&big Gracie on film :) - have you read any of Wendell Berry - just last night was reading his essay - Stupidity in Concentration written in 2002, part of his Bringing it to the table book - nothing new to you but he is a great writer/very poetic and has been saying things long before it became "popular" to be sustainable etc...
    If you like poetry/fiction some of his are great to
    Happy piggying around - peace to all your family

  2. Thanks Christy. Not sure I would recognize your (not so) little ones anymore - it's been a long time. I will check out Wendell Berry. All the best. Beau, Jodie, Gracie & Chilli.